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It’s Sunday and I’m lazy to go to Church. I’m sorry Papa Jesus.. Anyways, I am exhausted from shopping. Was walking every aisle at the store ^_^. Found some goodies of course girly stuff again. Found a Guess purse and some cute tops. Grr every time i go out talaga i can’t stop myself not to spend my money. So much better nalang siguro na hindi ako lalabas ^_^. But oh well i love the goodies that i found anyway. So it’s worth spending my money.. It’s 8:21pm here now but kailangan ko mag nap para hindi ako antukin mamayang gabi kasi plan ko to stay up until 12am or 1am hopefully ^_^ Oh I’m so happy to tell you guys that it’s our Anniversary today yehey… ^_^ I am so happy na umabot kami ng ganito ka tagal.. Daddy…, happy anniversary… Thank you for all the patients and love that you have given me. You are one of a kind daddy… I love you soo much.. More days,weeks,months,years to come for the both us daddy…. Don’t change okay… I hope I’m still your princess until we grow old..